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Can Big Data Take Your Company to the Next Level?

Can Big Data Take Your Company to the Next Level?

by Insight World EditorDecember 29, 2017

As Big data analytics examines large amounts of data, it helps businesses unveil hidden patterns, connections and develop valuable insights. It is an advanced technology designed to make data analysis faster and easier so users can get answers instantly.

Yes, Big Data needs to be a part of your company’s decision-making process because you can not do anything without it, as this is the age where everything is socially influenced along with customer preference signals.

Now, people can connect with each other quickly, and social networks are still gathering active followers and gadgets are flying off the shelves.

These factors make necessary for businesses to dive into these data streams to get a complete view of their customers and potential customers profiles.

Many companies are being able to gather the diverse information, analyze and process it as required, and are implementing the resultant insights to derive business growth.

On the other hand, some companies are yet not fully aware of big data, and these businesses pan out at the bottom of the competitive pile.

There is no doubt that big data and its related processes improve decision-making and take businesses to the next level.

Let’s discuss the power of Big data and how it empowers businesses.

Take advantage of Machine Learning

Data science hastens data exploration, allowing businesses to derive meaningful insights. How do you use these ideas, implement in decisions, and take actions? Machine learning plays a vital role in developing these insights — allowing you to harness the power of data to modify and personalize interactions of individual visitors.

By evaluating data for trends, probabilities, and similarities at the same time, delivering experiences that exploit this exploration, you will attain personalization that is far better than anything you could perform manually. Your customers need it, and once you see the results, your company will want it too.

Machine learning enables continuous exploration and exploitation. Though businesses need to understand statistical basics, they do not need to think twice about the statistical rigor of tools they use. If you are an aspiring data scientist and want to harness that predictive power, consider a machine learning course to help you progress in this field.

Improved Customer Service

Big data has turned the field of customer service upside down. Businesses can accurately predict what their customers require before even talking to them. These companies can deliver proactive customer services and can set benchmarks in their fields.

Consider calling into a business. Your company will be able to know challenges in advance with real-time big data analysis of the customer’s account and company’s websites visits. You could even consider employing a voice prompt to ask customers if they have any issue and provide them automated help if they prefer.

Additionally, big data analysis allows customer support contact customers on accounts proactively where predictive analysis helps determine whether the customers will have a future issue or not.

Smarter decisions in less time

A committed approach to big data is just the beginning. Its tools deliver real value to analyze data and help corporates make more intelligent decisions. A recent study states that 75 percent of enterprises consider an investment in business intelligence as their first big data priority.

In fact, 95 percent of companies have achieved, or expect to achieve, positive results from big data. This confirms that businesses will be the best place to develop insights in the long-term if they follow business intelligence now. Many organizations enroll specialists to analyze data and generate useful ideas, and business intelligence plays a vital role in this process, helping in better decision-making.

Optimising Business Processes

You can optimize business processes with Big data. Retailers are taking its advantage by optimising their stock based on insights developed from social media data, weather forecasts, and web search trends.

One of the essential business processes; supply chain or delivery route optimization, also looks up to big data analytics. The optimum use of geographic positioning and radio frequency identification sensors help to monitor goods or delivery vehicles and upgrade routes by integrating live traffic data, etc.

Big data analytics has also improved HR business processes to a greater extent like optimizing the field of talent acquisition – Moneyball style – as well as evaluating the company’s culture and staff engagement with the help of big data tools. For instance, one organization, Sociometric Solutions, integrates sensors into employee name badges that can track social dynamics in the office. The sensors provide information on how employees migrate the workplace, with whom they talk, and even the tone of voice they use during their interactions.

Wrapping Up:

Big Data for organizations unlocks a world of opportunities and takes to the next level by improving efficiency, and operation structures. As you will be data-driven, you get an edge over your competitors because you can quickly examine what inventory you are selling the most and set up a gap in the market. This means data can help you make better decisions early.

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