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Cathay Pacific shares global business insights using Brandwatch Analytics

Social data and analysis enables leading airline to build closer relationships with customers

Brandwatch, the social intelligence company, powers the social insights that keep the Cathay Pacific business informed. Working across a range of business areas and regions, Cathay Pacific uses social data to drive positive relationships with its audience and share information globally. To read the complete Brandwatch case study, visit:

Since its inception in 1946, Cathay Pacific has been awarded ‘World’s Best Airline’ four times, more than any other airline, and in 2015 announced record profits.

With over 23,000 employees worldwide, the seamless distribution of information is paramount. The digital marketing team at Cathay Pacific works very closely with different entities, such as the corporate communication department and the customer service team, sharing knowledge, information and insights.

Priscilla Chok is digital marketing manager at Cathay Pacific and works alongside numerous other departments within the airline’s organization.

“When customers ask online ‘where’s my lost baggage?’ or ‘why is my flight delayed?’, we liaise with the appropriate departments to ensure our customers’ needs and requests are met as soon as possible,” said Chok.

Using Brandwatch, Cathay Pacific is able to track every mention on its owned media channels, ensuring no comment goes undetected. These real-time insights can then be shared across the relevant teams in the business, helping ensure that each discovery is met with an appropriate, swift response.

In January 2015 Cathay Pacific launched its #lifewelltravelled social media campaign. Since the launch of this campaign, Priscilla and her team have been actively using Brandwatch Analytics to listen to conversations around this campaign and analyze how the hashtag has been used across social media.

Seeing how far and wide the campaign has been shared online is a measure of success for the company. “Customers understand the philosophy… their moments resonate and they associate themselves with the hashtag,” said Chok.

Using Brandwatch Analytics, the team explores the latest trends people are discussing related to travel or specific destinations. These social consumer market insights and inputs help formulate future creative ideas that are relevant, topical and interesting to Cathay Pacific’s target audiences for social discourse and engagement.